PitchSpot for Event Organisers.
A dedicated platform for all your event challenges.
PitchSpot provides Platform as a Service (PaaS) solutions to organisers of events such as hackathons and innovation challenges, that require collaboration amongst participants, submission aggregation, and post-event data analytics reporting.

Platform Features
We aim to streamline processes for our client so that
they can better manage event participants.
Custom Weblink
PitchSpot provides a customised weblink i.e. <brandname>.pitchspot.co for your event.
We host your event on PitchSpot's secure web application platform coupled with an SSL certificate.
Our experienced Tech team is always ready to answer your queries and resolve problems during the event.
Aggregate Submission
Say goodbye to a chunk of submissions to one email address. Our fuss-free admin dashboard collates submissions for event organisers.
Pre-Event Collaboration
We know how frustrating it can be for participants to enter hackathons alone. PitchSpot allows participants to link up before the event.
Data Analytics Reporting
Leverage on our post-event data analytics report to better plan future events.
Our clients love us
"PitchSpot offloads the administrative duties of managing the hackathon platform, and helped us get a clear overview of the Hackathon flow, and reach out to more participants."
Ang Jing Shun
Core Organiser for NCSV Innovate Hackathon 2017
"The platform is straightforward and easy to use. It's really useful to collate all the participants' submissions!"
Randy Lim
"The platform was simple, clean, and intuitive for users. More importantly, project submission was quick and easy for users, and can be easily reviewed by the admin."
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